Consultation Services

In association with the most skilled professionals and organizations, we offer and conducting surveys, assessments (Environmental Impact Assessment), Analysis, and various studies; we are confident in conducting professionally and newly implemented industrial Oil & Gas application.

We are eminently recognized for the Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Surveys conducted for a client based in Saudi Arabia for offshore and onshore operation.

At KPS, we can provide many Safety & Health Surveys such as Dropped Object surveys, TNAs, and much more. Contact our team for further details.

  • Safety & Health Surveys
  • Environmental Surveys
  • Industrial Hygiene Noise Surveys
  • Drops Prevention Surveys
  • Program Development
  • Campaign Development and initiation
  • Emergency Response Plan Management and Development


Each survey includes different modules. Usually, a full documentary spotting each reading is provided with a high resolution picture of location and their assessment’s reading and recommendation.

In addition, an A2 size high resolution print out is provided as a hard copy for the client’s reference and use.